Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sierra Nevada Anniversary Ale 2008

This week marked the midwest release of the Fall seasonal from Sierra Nevada. This year is one of the best, without a doubt in the top two of the Fall seasonals. That being said, I'll tell you what I thought.

Color: pours golden and clear, thick and foamy head with nice lacing head all the way down.

smells a bit piney, more malt in the nose than anything, a kiss of Cascade hops but not too much at all.

tastes pleasantly bitter at the front but smoothes out, piney/woody taste and a nice hop bite. the finishing hops are nice in the aftertaste.

crisp and very light bodied, great carbonation and a wonderful drinkability. possibly one of the best fall seasonals this year. I also think that the style on BA is right, I would never guess this as an IPA, more of a APA. there is too much of a lager-type malt quality to this beer to call it an IPA

IBUs: 55

Serving type: bottle

1 comment:

Special K said...

So good and I didnt think I would say this maybe ever but I gotta go with the goose so far as my favorite fall!