Monday, September 1, 2008

The best around

So for the last week We've been enjoying the best Oktoberfests available to us here in Missouri. Paulaner (Germany), Samual Adams (Boston, US), and Boulevard (Kansas City, US) have possibly the best Oktoberfest varieties here in MO. Now I'm not Biased in any way but I have to say Boulevard's Bob's 47 has taken the cake this year, even past Paulaner. I have always said that I'll probably have an Ale in my hands 9 out of ten times, but I've been drinking these delicious lagers for weeks now.


Special K said...

Bring me one or 2 or...well you get the picture

Justin Fisher said...

Nate, have you ever tried Schlafly Pumpkin Ale?

Naterock said...

Yes actually I have, lacks in complexity, but decent if you like pumpkin flavor. Pumpkin beers aren't technically Oktoberfest beers though, they are simply Fall seasonals. We will have a post soon about pumpkin beers, Thanks Justin. just curious, are you the fisher my brother in law knows?