Sunday, December 28, 2008

Beer Porn!

No not really porn, but Beer Porn. the kind of pictures that get beer geeks excited. Each one of these brews represents a number of bottles of the same type that are either what we call "special finds" or Geographically distributed to other regions besides Missouri. The list includes, Goose Island (Chicago) special reserve "bourbon County stout", Sierra Nevada (Chino Calif.)Stout, Dogfish Head (Delaware)90 Minute IPA, Westvleteren 12 (Belgium, "no1 beer in the world" - Beer Advocate), Boulevard's (Kansas City) Bourbon Barrel aged Quadrupel, Karmeleit Tripel (Belgium, Thanks TAMMIE&DANNY!), Ayinger (germany) Celebrator Doppelbock, Brasserie d'Achouffe (Belgium) Houblon Tripel Belgian IPA, Flying Dog GONZO! Imperial Porter, Anchor (california) "Our Special Ale 2008", Stone (california) Ruination Double IPA, Samuel Smith (England, Brewed for her Majesty's Special Forces) Imperial Stout. This is about half of our stash because I'm sure Kevin has quite a few that he's proud of as well.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


Busy time of the year, and we have not had alot of chance to get some reviews going. But let it not be lost how good of a season this is for fantastic craft brews. Winter seasonal, the spices flow and the time of year to get those winter warmers, these beers are actually designed to give you that nice warming sensation going down and that wonderful warm behind the ears feeling.

There are many different great beers out right now headlined by, Odell Isolation, Great divide Hibernation, Sierra Nevada Celebration, Boulevard Nutcracker and Avery Old Jubilation and many many more. One note if you get the sierra Nevada Celebration be warned this is not a winter warmer, while it is their winter seasonal many people go in with the thought that all winter beers are warmers and thats not true, Celebration is in fact an IPA (and a damn good one at that) so get out there and try some great winter beers, hopefully me and Nate will be able to get a review session out soon, and when things die down a bit we will be back blogging here more often.

One more thing I have for everyone before I go and that is some great news! Boulevard just announced 2 new beers! One year round the Single wide IPA and a new seasonal Maibock, which we are not sure what time of year it may be, but both me and Nate agree we hope they do not replace the Zon. It is awsome to see Boulevard doing new beers both in their standard line and their Smokestack (Which they just released a new Bourbon barrel Quad) and we hope to see as many new brews as they choose to put out. Here is the link for those who wanna know more