Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Goose Impresses Bigtime

I started out a big skeptic of Goose Island brewery and for a completely unfair reason, hear-say. People told me time and time again it was not good beer, or it was mediocre at best, and its my own fault for waiting so long to get around to trying their beers. But that being said they do have alot of quality brews and this year they have just flat outdone themselves with the fall Harvest Ale.
When you crack this cap remember walking outside on a crisp cool fall morning, try to think of all the scents before you take a good smell of this one.

This beer has a extremely complex smell and flavor that will honestly appease just about any palate whether it be new to the world of craft beer or a veteran I think this one has something to offer us all. I am not going to go into all the specifics of this one just know it comes extremely highly recommended by both me and my fellow beer geek. Next time your out and feel you want something most definitely unlike anything you have ever had before please give this one a shot, I can almost guarantee you will not be disappointed.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Sierra Nevada Anniversary Ale 2008

This week marked the midwest release of the Fall seasonal from Sierra Nevada. This year is one of the best, without a doubt in the top two of the Fall seasonals. That being said, I'll tell you what I thought.

Color: pours golden and clear, thick and foamy head with nice lacing head all the way down.

smells a bit piney, more malt in the nose than anything, a kiss of Cascade hops but not too much at all.

tastes pleasantly bitter at the front but smoothes out, piney/woody taste and a nice hop bite. the finishing hops are nice in the aftertaste.

crisp and very light bodied, great carbonation and a wonderful drinkability. possibly one of the best fall seasonals this year. I also think that the style on BA is right, I would never guess this as an IPA, more of a APA. there is too much of a lager-type malt quality to this beer to call it an IPA

IBUs: 55

Serving type: bottle

Monday, September 1, 2008

The best around

So for the last week We've been enjoying the best Oktoberfests available to us here in Missouri. Paulaner (Germany), Samual Adams (Boston, US), and Boulevard (Kansas City, US) have possibly the best Oktoberfest varieties here in MO. Now I'm not Biased in any way but I have to say Boulevard's Bob's 47 has taken the cake this year, even past Paulaner. I have always said that I'll probably have an Ale in my hands 9 out of ten times, but I've been drinking these delicious lagers for weeks now.