Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Are you freaking kidding me! Look I know we have alot going on in our lives, babies, moving, Conference in Las Vegas, etc etc. But the fact that we as the beer geeks have not posted anything in the past months is in all ways unacceptable! In the world of beer there has been just as much going on as in our lives and we owe it to everyone to at least try! right? So here will be my attempt to do better and we will start with one of the best beers I've ever had. To the left you will see one of them many new brewery's we have access to now right here in Springfield. They are a major pleaser with everything I have tried from them being really good or just downright amazing! They do hops well and they kick the living shit out of some stouts and porters. The breakfast stout pictured received one of my highest reviews ever 4.8 out of 5 and they have one that is suppose to be better which I still cannot wrap my head around that thought!

We may have talked about this one in the past, I had it about a year ago on tap in Las Vegas and it was wonderful. Now though we have access to Big Sky brewery in town, most every Brown derby carries it and the lineup is really good. They are headlined by their Moose Drool brown and IPA. The brown I would recommend to anyone from a 1st time craft drinker to the seasoned beer geek, the IPA is pretty strong so might wanna start somewhere a little lighter if you are just getting into IPA's.

I'm gonna leave this one as a hint for my counterpart to get his ass in gear and start posting too, as I am positive he has alot to say about this!

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