Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Summer Summmer Summmer Time!

Ok this is something me and Nate both have to put a major focus on. Whats is the best time of year to sit outside and have a few beers with some friends? Summer time! This unfortunately for me and Nate is our least favorite time for seasonal beers, and its really hard considering we just came out of our favorites, fall for me and winter for him, but there is damn good news!

We will start with Boulevard and if you need to ask why read some of the other blogs we posted and I'm sure it will become clear! Not necessarily their seasonal lineup we will look at but rather a new year round offering they have. Single Wide IPA great brew nice bitter hops and very refreshing. A good IPA for you guys out there looking to jump into this style, its strong but not a real "big" IPA think its something that you could settle into very easily and be a great gateway into this amazing style.This one will be a constant in the fridge this summer.

Next up Sierra Nevada and man did they ever hit a home run with their new year round. Torpedo Extra IPA. Now for people looking to jump into the style I would warn you a little harder on this one. Fresh very citrusy hops are all over this beer, has a great bitter hop bite to it and is a little less forgiving than the Boulevard. While this would be a staple in me and Nate's fridge at this time and all thru the summer the unfortunate end to that is no one can find it anywhere! They sold out and according to our sources will not be catching up till the fall. But it is year round so we will try and get thru it.

Lastly I'll hit you with the seasonal of the season! Bells Oberon, there really is not enough you can say about this beer. It's hard to really turn someones head for a summer seasonal because you are going for a nice crisp clean beer, something very refreshing and don't wanna make it to heavy with a boatload of different flavors. Bells, as they have a habit of doing, made an incredible summer with Oberon, its all the things listed about but does have a great amount of flavor, while I have not had it this year when I was at Nate's the other day he had picked up his 1st six of it so I'll leave it to him for now to tell you how it is this year. And for the finale it comes in a mini keg!!!

Nates Chime in: Oberon this year is really quite a special addition to the summer seasonal rotation. Smells of rich wheat malt and a bouquet of spices and grassy hops. This beer touts a refreshing array of citrus and coriander with a moderate hop bite in the end and a smooth and easy drinkable finish. There is hardly any summer seasonal that can take the Oberon down. Drinkable, refreshing, and FLAVOR!

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