Friday, October 17, 2008

Good times! Great brews!

So our evening turn out to be a raging success. 1st and foremost thank you so much to boulevard for allowing us to be one of the tasters for the absolutely amazing "big stout" test run it was really good and we both appreciate the chance to try it and give feedback.

Also during this evening we tried the hop rod rye from bear republic, this beer is on the top 100 at and with real good reason, hop heads rejoice that this is available in springfield cause man is it good, not for the feight of heart but if your looking for a challenge or think your ready to step up to the next level give this one a shot. At only 4.99 a 750 its priced right and in a killer brew.

One more for you, we also got a London porter from arcadia ales, my girlfriend andie spent the evening with the beer geeks and wanted this one, and it was very good as well, very rich and creamy this was a pretty big porter, very thick and rich in flavor, lots of malt and a nice but not to overbearing coffee flavor in the finish. So there ya have it folks one very successful beer geek evening, hope you have a chance to try some of these as they are well worth the shot. Cheers!

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