Saturday, October 4, 2008

Bell's Cherry Stout

Adventurous? are you sure? well, if you aren't shaking in your boots I have something that will possibly change your mind. I have never (and We've had lots of different beers) EVER had anything quite like this. From Bells Brewing Company, who have always suprised in the way of adventurous brewing. Have releases this iears batch of their Cherry Stout. This Fruit Stout is brewed with Cherries and Cherry juice. Poured into a Glass it looks like one bloody mother of a stout. But so incredibly dark I couldn't see through a small amount up to a bright light. tAstes smooth and chocolatey with a strong Dark Cherry presence, which almost seems like Black Cherries. KEvin didn't like this one, but I thought it was one of the best but most interesting stouts I've ever put to my lips.

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