Saturday, August 23, 2008

O'Dell's Woodcut No. 1 Ale

On the 18th on August Craft Brewing Juggernaut O'Dell Released an exclusive 120 cases of the new Woodcut No. 1 Oak Aged Ale. Given that we probably won't be getting anything this far away from Colorado, I'm secretly hoping I can get my cousin to bring some from Denver this fall. Doug O'Dell says that after this No. 1 release the beer and label will be retired for good. So if you get your hands on one I'll trade just about anything to get one. Here's to No. 2!


D said...

Is this a beer you put away for a while, or is it best to drink it immediately. I scored one here in Kansas. $25 bucks. I wish I could have afforded two, one to drink and one to age.

Naterock said...

This Beer is definitely going to age well, Make sure the temp stays around 55 to 65 degrees or it will age too fast. Hope you enjoy, I haven't yet got my hands on one. Cheers!